Beginner Guitar Lesson Videos


Watch this video to learn a simple and effective way to get control of your pick hand.  This drill is easy to learn and practice and you will see results quickly when you practice with it.


Playing guitar infront of other people can be scary.  This video on how to prepare to overcome stage fright will show you how you can learn to enjoy playing in front of an audience and become a much better musician learning how to do it.




Watch this video to learn how to overcome fear and stage fright during your guitar performance.  This video will show you how you can get your best performance every time you play guitar in front of an audience of with other musicians.


Your guitar picking technique is very important to your sound.  Most beginning guitar players spend much more time developing their fret hand--at the expense of their pick hand.  Watch this guitar picking video lesson to learn how to get a pick grip that works and how to easily position your hand for maximum pick control.



Guitar riffs are parts of songs that repeat.  They are really fun to play, they sound cool, and they can help you improve your technique in a way that is very effective and not boring at all.  This guitar riff video will show your two riffs and how to practice and play them.  You can use the ideas in this lesson to learn and play any riff in any song you want. 



Learning how to strum consistently is easy once you understand the simple rhythm counting system and how it helps you easily coordinate your up and down strum strokes.  Watch this guitar strum pattern video so that you can learn how to get your strumming together now.


This guitar picking technique video will show you how to quickly improve your guitar picking by focusing your practice on two, simple key picking elements.  You will see an improvement in your picking almost immediately when you learn and implement them into your guitar playing.



Do you struggle with barre chords on the guitar?  Getting your barre chords to sound good without tiring your fret hand is easy when you understand the correct way to position your fret hand.  Watch this barre chord video and learn the best way to get your barre barre chords sounding great the easy way.



Learn the best way to improve your fret hand speed changing chords on the guitar.  This guitar chord speed video will show you a simple way to practice to quickly increase your speed and accuracy when making chord changes on the guitar.





Most guitar players struggle with their pick hand—it is very common.  Watch this guitar picking hand video and learn how to get control of your pick hand.  Start getting a consistent sound and a secure, confident picking hand now.






It is very common for guitar players to have more difficulty performing the upstroke guitar picking motion than the downstroke.  This upstroke guitar picking lesson video will help you improve your tone, timing and build consistency into your pick hand technique. 




 String muting done the right way will instantly bring your guitar playing and guitar sound to a higher level.  Watch this guitar string muting video to learn how to give a clean, pro sound to your guitar chords.





 Do you have trouble learning and memorizing new songs on the guitar?  Learn how to quickly memorize and recall chord fingerings with this video lesson on how to remember guitar chords





 This beginner guitar strumming video will show the best way to set up your picking hand for both up and down strumming success.  Get the right "feel" in your strumming hand and get rid of your strumming frustration now!





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