Learn Guitar String Muting And Get Rid Of Sloppy Sounding Guitar Chords


“I know and can play the chords to the song but it just doesn’t sound right!!”


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Have you ever felt like this?  I know how you feel--all guitar players have all felt this way at one time or another on their guitar playing journey.  What I’ve found is that a big part of getting your chords and strumming to sound good is directly related to learning how to use string muting on the guitar. 


As we start improving on the guitar, learning more chords, songs and technique, we can still hear that there is something missing in our playing.  Even if we are playing the chords and notes of a song correctly, it’s still lacking something.  Guitar muting is the key to polishing your guitar chords and chord changes.


Great sounding guitar chord playing is made up of many important components.  String muting done the right way will instantly bring your guitar playing and sound to a higher level. Once you learn how to set up and easily use string muting, it will quickly become an important part of your guitar playing arsenal that you will use every time you play the guitar.


  • Learn the best guitar muting hand position for efficient string muting.
  • Find the best way to move your strum hand so that it automatically moves into string muting position.
  • Learn how to play different types of guitar muting sounds.
  • Get a clean, pro sound for your chords and strumming.


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