Beginner Guitar Lesson Programs And Products


Here are the beginner guitar lesson programs that will help you learn the guitar the right way so that you can master the skills you need to play your favorite music in the shortest time possible.


The Beginning Guitarist’s Core Learning Course


This beginner guitar lesson course will teach you how to play guitar in a fun, easy way and get you on the fast track to playing the music you want to play.   This course uses easy to understand video, text and audio guitar lessons that will help you develop and master the fundamental skills you need to play your favorite style of music.

After going through the best guitar teacher training program in the world, and teaching guitar to thousands of guitar students over the last two decades, I have mastered the art and science of teaching beginners just like you to quickly advance to higher levels of guitar playing and have fun during the entire process.

No matter your age or past experiences with the guitar, these fun and effective guitar lessons will keep you inspired, motivated to learn and improve and show you exactly what and how you need to practice to quickly master your fundamental guitar skills.

The Beginning Guitarist’s Core Learning Course guitar lessons are proven to work better than any other way to learn guitar.  You won’t waste time practicing the wrong things or practicing things in the wrong order.  I will guide and direct you every step of the way as you develop your fundamental guitar skills in the fastest and easiest way possible.

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How To Play In A Band Even If You Have No Experience Playing The Guitar



Beginning guitar players want to play songs.  I’ve played in bands for many years and I can tell you that there are very, very few things in life that are more thrilling than the feeling you will have when you are jamming with your band and people gather around to listen – even if it’s in your backyard or in your basement when you look over to see your friends or someone smiling at you because of how YOU make them/her feel through your music.

Playing real music should not wait for “someday”, it can and must start right now if you want to become a great guitar player.  It’s not hard at all.

Because so many beginning guitar students (like you) want to eventually become good enough to play guitar in a band, I have dedicated much of my teaching focus to help you do this now.  You want to begin this process right now, and I’m going to give you the tools, skills and know-how to get you there.

What you need are complete, full and cool-sounding songs to play with an entire band that don’t suck nor are cheesy nursery rhymes for children. Plus you need someone to show you exactly HOW to play them, step by step, all the way through. 

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