Beginner Guitar Lessons


Learn how to play an easy and fun blues rock song.  Using a simple, moveable guitar riff you can play a complete song that will be simple for you to memorize and practice.  This moveable guitar riff song lesson will help you improve your technique and give you a cool sounding song to play right now.


Learn how to use guitar riffs to quickly improve your technique while sounding good and having fun.  This guitar riff lesson will show you how to add cool sounding guitar riffs to your practice now.



Do your “ears” get overwhelmed when you try to learn a song that has lots of picking instead of regular chord strumming?  Although they sound difficult, learning to play songs with picking patterns is easy once you understand how to break them down and practice them.  



Many beginning guitar players get discouraged when trying to learn songs because they feel there is “too much” to remember when trying learn all the chords.  This guitar chord and song lesson will show you how to get the chords down in any song, fast.



Learn how you can improve your downstroke guitar picking technique and start building confidence in your picking hand that will help you develop a good sound on the guitar.  Learn how to ingrain the right feel and picking technique setup in your picking hand.




This lesson will show you a system to help you learn and memorize guitar chords easily so that you can play the songs you like. 




Guitar Muting

This lesson on guitar string muting is the key to polishing your guitar chords and chord changes.





Guitar Practice

Learn how to make the best use of your beginner guitar practice time.  This lesson will help you learn how to structure your guitar practice so that you will improve more quickly on the guitar.




Improve your picking technique with this upstroke guitar picking lesson.  Developing your upstroke picking will also develop your pick hand consistency, control and make your playing sound smoother.








Learn to play now with guitar lessons for beginners online