Beginner Guitar Interviews With Professional Musicians

All guitar players--even professionals--were beginners once. This seems like an obvious statement, however, when you are watching your favorite musicians perform on stage it can be difficult to imagine that they were beginners who once struggled with the same issues as you.

If you have ever wondered how professionals got their start on the guitar, what they found difficult, and how they conquered their doubts, problems and technique issues on the guitar then you will find these interviews very helpful.

Take note especially of the mental approach they used to overcome problems and improve on the guitar. Professional guitar players have trained not only their hands, but their minds as well. Becoming a pro guitar player does not happen by accident or luck!

Use these mental approaches and attitudes in your own development on the guitar--even if your goal isn't to become a pro, the process is the same for becoming a great guitar player.

Enjoy, and LEARN!

Beginner Guitar Interview With Joel Hoekstra of Whitesnake

Joel Hoekstra is a guitarist with the band Whitesnake. Joel started out on piano and cello as a child and quickly gravitated to the guitar. He is an extremely versatile and talented musician who has played in Night Ranger, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Foreigner as well as his own solo projects and other music collaborations. Read the interview to learn how you can use your favorite songs to develop your skills on guitar.


Beginner Guitar Interview With Rick Van Zandt of the Band Metal Church

Rick is the lead guitarist for the band Metal Church from Seattle, Washington USA. Rick started out on the guitar as a child and plays jazz guitar as well as rock and metal. Rick has always emphasized keeping it "fun" when playing and practicing. Read the interview to learn how Rick went from beginner to a pro playing on stages around the world.



Beginner Guitar Interview With Sean Baker

Sean Baker is a musician and Guitar Instructor from Detroit, Michigan. Sean's inspiration came from hearing guitarists like Eddie Van Halen. In this interview, Sean talks about the importance of passion and desire in learning and improving on the guitar.







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