How To Develop Your Guitar Picking Hand Confidence – Learn To Play A Guitar Picking Song That Will Build Your Guitar Technique


Learn how to gain confidence and control with your guitar picking hand now. 

Improve your guitar picking the right way so that you can eliminate pick hand frustration, feel comfortable picking and develop the technique you need to play your favorite guitar picking songs.


Most guitar players struggle with their pick hand—it is very common.  It is extremely frustrating to practice and still have your guitar picking hand not do what you want it to do.  Playing the wrong strings at the wrong time, feeling like your pick hand is not secure when you play and not being able to get the sound and results you want is no fun at all.


The key to getting control of you picking hand is in the positioning when you set up to pick notes on the guitar.  Once you learn to set your guitar picking hand in the correct position and learn how to keep it doing what it’s supposed to do, your guitar picking will improve quickly.


This free guitar picking hand video lesson will help you:


  • Get the best pick hand position for playing guitar picking songs.
  • Build consistency and confidence in your guitar picking hand.
  • Show you how to play guitar picking songs without having to watch your pick hand.
  • Sound better on the guitar fast!


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