How to Avoid the Most Common Beginner Guitar Strumming Pitfalls


Guitar Strumming LessonGuitar strumming is one of the most frustrating techniques the beginner guitar player encounters. The main problem is that most beginner guitarists immediately start out trying to understand different guitar strumming techniques and strums when what they must first do is understand how to set themselves up for beginner guitar strumming success by getting their guitar strumming arm, hand and the pick set up in the right way.


Once you are set up in the correct way, learning to strum and utilize beginner guitar strumming techniques becomes much more simple. You need to learn how to easily get the correct “feel” in your strumming hand each time you play. It’s easy once you know what to do.


When you learn how to instantly get the correct feel in your hand, it will make it much easier for you to learn guitar strumming techniques and beginner guitar strumming patterns and start strumming chords and songs. Beginner guitar strumming success is in the setup—and you can easily learn how to avoid the most common beginner guitar strumming pitfalls that will quickly get you on your way to guitar strumming technique success!


  • Learn how to grip your pick in a way that lets you strum easily in any strum pattern.
  • Learn the key that lets you avoid beginner guitar strumming tension in your hand and arm.
  • Instantly recognize the “feel” you need to have that will help your guitar strumming techniques become automatic.
  • Build consistency into your beginner guitar strumming—learn how to get a great sound.
  • Learn the system that lets you know that your guitar strumming techniques are correct and lets you quickly and easily set up the right way each time you pick up the guitar to play.


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