Learn How to Memorize Chords On the Guitar – Memorizing Chords and Fingerings Made Easy


Have you ever struggled while memorizing chords when learning a song?  Playing new music is fun, but getting bogged down trying to learn new chord fingerings, getting them committed to memory and under your fingers can be frustrating—unless you know how to memorize chords the right way so that you can easily recall and use them in your guitar playing.


Today’s lesson will show you a way to quickly learn and more importantly retain new chord fingerings so that memorizing chords and their fingerings will be easy for you.


When learning a new song or sequence of chords, most guitarists they usually start at the beginning of the sheet music or chord chart and try to start playing through the song or chords immediately form start to end in the order that the chords are listed.  While this might seem like a good way to get started, this is not a good method for learning and memorizing chords and their fingerings at all.


Let’s say that you want to play a new song that has four chords in it that you have never played before: G, D, Em and C.


Watch this free video on how to memorize guitar chords and learn the best method for memorizing chords and their fingerings so that you can easily recall them when you play.


Learning how to memorize guitar chords involves breaking the process down into simple, manageable steps.  Many times guitar players tend to try to take on and learn too much information at once—it is difficult to learn and retain information in large chunks.  When memorizing chords, you want to break it down and focus on only one chord at a time rather than trying to memorize several at once.


Focusing just on the first chord listed (the G chord) for now, you want to go through the following steps:

  1. Place your fingers in the G chord shape using a diagram of the chord
  2. Strum the chord
  3. Squeeze the chord with your fret hand—firmly but not too tightly
  4. Release your grip on the chord
  5. Take your fret hand completely off the guitar neck
  6. Repeat with just the G chord for a minimum of two to three minutes


You can watch a free video that will walk you through these steps and show you exactly how to memorize guitar chords in the shortest time possible.


Now that you have worked on the G chord for several minutes, go practice something else for a few minutes and then come back and repeat the above process again with the G chord.  What you want to do is allow your brain and fingers to sort of “forget” the chord you just learned so that you can come back and “relearn” it again.  By “learning and forgetting and re-learning” the G chord over several short practice sessions, you will find that you will be able to memorize it in a short time.  If you are able to, repeat the steps again at least two to four more times later on in the same day playing the same chord. 


The key to memorizing chords is to focus on one chord at a time and use the method shown above.  Learning how to memorize guitar chords is best accomplished by allowing your mind to focus on just one chord shape and let your fret hand muscles learn and remember where your fingers need to go by repeating several short memory sessions with each chord you want to learn.


Learning how to memorize guitar chords and their fingerings is a valuable skill you will use for the rest of your guitar playing career.  Watch this free video that will show you how to memorize guitar chords quickly and easily so that you can quickly learn new chords to play the music you enjoy.




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