How To Improve The Sound Of Your Chords


Getting all the notes to sound clearly in your chords is often a struggle for beginner guitar players.  Muted notes, notes not sounding clear and fret hand fatigue are issues that cause frustration.  Most beginning guitar players try to solve this problem by trying to press their fingers even harder on the strings.  This only compounds the problem--it makes it worse.  They key to getting your chords to sound clean is to get your fret hand and fret hand fingers into the correct position.



The chord fingering problem is solved  by setting up your fret hand so that your fingers are approaching the strings from the best angle and direction so that your chords will sound clear and it will be easy for you to play them.

Watch the video and learn how to get your hand into the position that makes it easy to get the notes in your chords sounding clear and the best way to practice your chords so that you can do it consistently and easily.



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