How To Learn Guitar Picking Songs And Improve Your Guitar Picking Fast

Learn how to play and use pro-sounding guitar picking patterns.

Do you listen to songs with guitar picking and wonder how to play them?

It can be difficult to know where to even begin.  Some songs sound very "busy" and the sheer number of notes you are hearing can be overwhelming.

The secret to playing songs with lots of picking in them is understanding that most of them are made up of small, simple patterns that are played repeatedly.  Once you learn how to break down and practice the simple patterns that make up these complex sounding guitar parts you will be able to play songs that sound impressive and are really fun to play.

Learn to improve your picking now and start playing the songs you've always wanted to play.

Watch this free video lesson to see exactly how to:

  • Easily break down and learn any picking pattern in any song.
  • Quickly master the picking pattern so it sounds great.
  • Combine the pick hand part with the fret hand part in the song.
  • Get the same guitar picking sound that your favorite players have.
  • Sound great with the simple guitar picking secrets.


The lesson video contains picking patterns that are taken directly from two popular songs.


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