The Beginning Guitarist’s Core Learning Course - Level 2


As a continuation of The Beginning Guitarist's Core Learning Course - Level 1 , Level Two takes you further toward learning and mastering guitar playing.


Level Two picks up where Level One leaves off by taking you through more advanced concepts, techniques and ideas.


Just like Level one, this part of the course contains:


  • Easy to learn songs and exercises with video and text so that you don't get stuck, confused or frustrated while you learn.

  • Fun guitar lessons that keep you motivated & inspired to learn and play guitar every day.

  • Learn not only the right things, but learn them in the right order (yes, the order in which you learn things on the guitar makes a big difference in how fast or slow you will improve.)

  • Videos of both fretting hand and picking hand so that you can see and hear exactly what you need to do in order to learn to play the music you love, the right way, in the shortest time possible.


Plus, you also get:




BONUS: The “Strum The Guitar Like A Pro” eBook that gives you the strumming skills to play hundreds of songs.




Lauren Bateman

I love the materials presented in Paul Kleff's Beginning Guitarist's Core Learning Course. As an experienced guitar teacher, I wish all my students had materials like these to learn from.The lessons are presented in a way that makes practicing both fun and musical. Everything is laid out clearly and I love how the focus isn't on mastering one thing at a time, but rather learning multiple guitar skills and applying them all at the same time. This makes for a much better learning experience and also helps you to learn to play the guitar much more quickly and easily. This is exactly how I teach my guitar students and I have found over the years that is the best way to learn. I highly recommend the Beginning Guitarist's Core Learning Course to learn to play the guitar while having fun and making fast progress with your basic skills and technique.

Lauren Bateman, Music Instructor
Owner LB Music School

In addition to giving you highly effective lessons for developing your technique and foundation as a guitar player, Paul's Beginner Guitar Core Learning Course also combines that with music. So with each lesson you are actually seeing yourself learn and progress while having fun on the instrument from the very first stages of learning to play. Most courses miss this completely. Get started with Paul Kleff's Course and it will take you where you want to go.

Mike Philippov, Guitar Instructor and Performing Artist

Paul's teaching methods allow you to improve faster and with less effort. The Beginning Guitarist's Core Learning Course gives you the right exercises in the right order to give you the maximum result in your practice time. I highly recommend you get this Course today. Don't wait, just get it. You will not be sorry!

Tommaso Zillio, Guitar Instuctor and Recording Artist

This is truly a great course that will eliminate the frustrations that are so Common when first starting out on guitar. With The Beginning Guitarist’s Core Learning Course, Paul will provide you with structured guitar lessons presented in a specific order to build your foundation on the guitar in an engaging, quick, and easy way. If you are just starting out on the guitar, or have tried playing before but failed miserably, I highly recommend Paul Kleff's “The Beginning Guitarist’s Core Learning Course” from

Simon Candy, Guitar Instructor and Musician


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The Beginning Guitarist's Core Learning Course - Level 2


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BONUS 2: The “Strum The Guitar Like A Pro” eBook that gives me the strumming skills to play hundreds of songs.


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